Preparing for the big day! Your child’s first day is almost here. You are both bound to be really excited about this new adventure. – but feeling a bit nervous and anxious is very normal too.

During your registration process you will be asked to complete an “All about me!”. This will help us to learn about your child before they start.

Your child is bound to be wondering what their first day at nursery will be like when they arrive and what sort of things happen during the day. We will arrange settling in sessions with you – We will invite you to stay with your child during their first settling in session so they can familiarise themselves with their key person and room. As your child becomes more confident you will be able to leave your child for longer periods of time.

At Mayfair Day Nursery we are happy for you and your child to take as long as you like to settle in. All settling in sessions are free of charge.

Please provide your child with the following… Nappies, baby wipes, formula / milk, comforter and full change of clothes. Please provide appropriate speare clothes for the weather. (If applicable