In our last interactions we have been talking about how and what as a parent you can do to ensure your lovely baby grows into a responsible, happy, successful adult. Strategies or ways in which little things, when taken care of, will make a huge difference in the overall development of your baby. Most new mums don’t want to have their baby away from sight for a single second, but a personal space is important for the development of your child’s creative mind.

What a space of his/her own in the house gives to your baby is time with himself/herself, and hence the ability to be slightly independent. Also, the brain works on familiarity of space. If a baby knows the space he/she sleeps in every single day, whenever he/she is taken to that place it will give the brain a cue that it’s time to sleep. Similarly, a place to eat or a place to play.

With toddlers, this space becomes all the more important, as your child will learn boundaries. For example, he/she has to play within that area. This will help you too in managing your child, avoiding a lot of endless running around. It will also serve as protection from getting hurt by venturing into unsafe areas of the home.

Creating a small space in place where baby can be watched by you or a caretaker, possibly an enclosed space with favourite toys and things he/she can play with and enjoy. It could even be small spaces in rooms spread across the house, to give your child a sense of belonging to your home.

When you create a space for your baby, safety is obviously the most important thing to consider. Make sure there is nothing within reach which can be harmful or toxic. It is also preferable that baby space is at a central place in the house to make it easy to monitor and reach in case of an emergency.

Additionally, create special small spaces for your baby which enable him/her to enjoy interaction with the rest of the family. For example, a special storybook section for your toddler in the library, or a small chair set up in the family dining room. Through this, your child will learn as much social etiquette as possible, for his/her age.

For toddlers, to have a place of their own where they can play with toys, or dance, or do what they like, is essential for “me-time”. They will know they are to play by themselves there, which will help them think how to keep themselves entertained. This “me-time” promotes creativity and enables them to enjoy their own company, so make sure it is an inviting space.

If you feel your home is not big enough, remember that you can create temporary spaces, where all baby’s stuff can be put away when you are having, for example, a dinner party. Invest in folding furniture and hide-all baskets. Also, another thing to keep in mind is appropriate lighting, which needs to be well-lit enough for baby to see, but not too bright so as to hurt the eyes from long exposure.

However big or small your home is, creating a special space allocated just to your child is beneficial for you as well as for your baby.

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